At TM Scaffolding, Glasgow, we offer a wide range of scaffold solutions and building services to the highest professional and safety standards.


The keys to fast and efficient Tube & Fitting projects are skilled project management and the right infrastructure.

Of course, highly skilled scaffolders and the right training and equipment are essential, but it’s the unseen support of our finely-tuned project management methodology and our behind-the-scenes infrastructure that enables us to complete Tube & Fitting faster than you may expect.


We know that access to equipment and the delays that can occur here are one of the main reasons for time blowouts. Our full onsite service provides the support that is an essential component of timely completion of scaffolding projects.

As part of our onsite service we bring to your project site one of our custom built “mobile yards”. Our “mobile yards” supply us with the tools and equipment we need to complete the job at hand.


Our aim is to provide our clients with the best solution to meet their scaffolding needs.

Our team is experienced and trained in the provision of Modular Scaffolding and we utilise the well-known Kwikstage & Cuplock systems.

Its popularity throughout the UK makes it readily available to eliminate supply shortages, should they arise. It is also fast & efficient when it is correctly specified for its intended application.

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